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Presently Chefsville is enrolling students who can't normally afford our programs. During the school year and through the summer at camps.

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Many kids want to come into the kitchen and work side by side with adults. Yet many adults don't know exactly where to start with teaching kids about food. Many parents have been told ever changing stories about health and nutrition. They don't want to teach their kids wrongly. Many stay silent.

This leads to the neglect of life skill education for children. Silence from parents neglects educational opportunities in the family. Along with busy work schedule many adults accidentally create latch-key children.

Left alone, most children develop poor habits when it comes to eating and approaching food. This leads to childhood obesity and other disorders that the family has to endure.

Chefsville allows kids to get a handle on life skill education, by connecting cooking with family, community, and scholastic academics. Our programs help families develop a healthy framework for approaching food. Families can then take this discipline and apply it to other areas.

Chefsville exists to help reduce family violence, abuse and neglect. Specifically through providing life skill education. Helping families improve their quality of life and developing more harmony in the home. Kids will be free to further discover and explore their world with a renewed sense of confidence and self-worth because they attended Chefsville programs.

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