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Your Donation will Empower Kids and Families

Many children want to come into the kitchen and work side by side with adults. It can be tricky for parents, on many levels. Chefsville offers a framework to encourage, engage and allow children to discover foods and make healthier food choices.

Life skill education for children. Chefsville provides educational opportunities in the family. There are so many wonderful ingredients, equipment and cultures when it comes to the world of food. Discovering our work through food is an amazing adventure.

Our programs help families develop a healthy framework for approaching food and working as a team. Be part of Chefsville team…help reach children and families where they work, learn or play by donating today.

Through Chefsville programming, both adults and children engage in discovering safety in the kitchen, ingredients, cooking equipment, cultural foods using various cooking techniques.

Chefsville educates and connects cooking with family, community, math, science, language arts and social studies. These connections reinforce what children learn in public, private and home schools.

Chefsville offers opportunities for families to cook together at Resource Centers, introduces cooking to elementary and middle school students in after school programs, and provides hands on learning for families and children of all ages at libraries, fairs and corporate spaces.

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